What Is AI and Machine Learning?

Whether it is experienced business leaders, doctors or scientists, this is a question that new people to the field ask me.  Can you give me some links to get a basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). So I searched the web for some introductory balanced material.  Material that won’t dive too deep into […]

Australian Innovation Roadmap Highlights AI & Machine Learning

A new report released by Innovation and Science Australia (ISA) on 30th Jan 2018 marks out the startegic plan for Innovation, Science and Research in Australia out to 2030.  The report Australia 2030: Prosperity Through Innovation sets out recommendations and strategies, and specifically targetted: AI and Machine Learning Transforming job skills for the future Increasing R&D […]

AI Engineer

To work with AI not all of us need to be engineers, different roles are required to successfully bring an AI product to life.  Key skills include subject matter experts (e.g. doctors for medical AI), UX/UI experts, QA experts, and management,business and commercial skills more generally.  These people though will need a fundamental understanding of […]

First Step for Industry

Mark Armstrong’s article Adopting cognitive-first mindsets: the first step in driving artificial intelligence success points out that business must ensure that all parts of the business understand that they must think cognitive-first to accelerate AI developments. Getting started on this journey is perhaps the biggest challenge.  While C-level executives try to get their head around AI, big […]


The following articles provide reviews of MOOCs for AI and Machine Learning. Every single machine learning course on the internet ranked by your reviews Top machine learning moocs & online lectures Selection of resources to learn Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Statistical Inference / Deep Learning / Reinforcement Learning See also our catalog of […]