First Step to AI

Week One – What is Artificial Intelligence

At the end of week one you will have been provided an introduction into the world of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Gaining an understanding of what artificial intelligence is and more importantly is not and the basic tools you actually need to begin your journey with Artificial Intelligence.

Week Two – Building Artificial Intelligence Projects

Taking the first step can often be the biggest barrier to the success of any project. In week two we will focus on what is required to choose and develop an Artificial Intelligence project, differentiate between a Machine Learning project and a Data Science project, providing the knowledge to allow your project to succeed and overcome these barriers.

Week Three – Building Artificial Intelligence in your Company

Having the basic knowledge of what Artificial Intelligence is and how to build an Artificial Intelligence project, we can now look to understand what resources and strategies you need to take your first steps to build Artificial Intelligence into your company and awareness of the potential pitfalls to avoid.

Week Four – Artificial Intelligence in Society

Knowing the potential power of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on people, we need to consider what impact this may have on the broader society. Considering such things as discrimination and bias and impacts it may have on jobs on a broader scale.

Finally armed with this new knowledge we ask the most important question 

Where to next for me in my Artificial Intelligence journey?

4 Week Course

Weekly online course work plus 1 X 2 Hour face to face session per week.

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