Ensuring your management team and systems are educated and aware of Artificial Intelligence will be paramount to maintaining a standard which will help your organisation to provide a secure future for your workers, shareholders and customers alike. Prevent instability and create a culture to continually improve your staff and your company’s AI performance. With this strategy of education your organisation will be better equipped to improve their resilience by anticipating, adapting and responding to risks so they can survive and prosper. 

Every day across the globe businesses are increasingly seeing the benefits of implementing AI automation. But what could this mean for Australian business?

  • $2.2 Trillion boost to Australian income between 2015 and 2030 from productivity gains*
  • Unburden average Australian workers 2 hours per week of the most tedious and manual work over the next 15 years*
  • Reduce workplace injuries by 11%*
  • 62% of low skilled workers will experience improved job satisfaction*
  • Wages for non-automatable jobs will be 20% higher than for automatable jobs *

With AIkademi experts to refer to, together with the right infrastructure and training, organizations will be able to address these opportunities better in the future bringing the following new benefits:

Bringing Artificial Intelligence and continuous improvement into the heart of your business

This is an opportunity for organisations to align their businesses strategic direction with their AI strategy to improve management systems and increase focus on improving business performance. Creating clarity on your AI strategy and educating all of your stakeholders will ensure that they will understand how AI is managed across the business and what it means for the future security of your company. 


Educating business leaders is an opportunity for your organisation to align their strategic direction with their management system and increase focus on improving performance through the adoption of this technology and developing a culture that embraces change and acknowledges agility and innovation. Creating clarity on your AI strategy and educating your workforce will ensure that they will be exposed to the future opportunities AI can provide and understand how AI is managed across the business.

Introduction of risk & opportunity management

The introduction of a more holistic risk and opportunity management around AI will reinforce its use as a governance tool. It will enable the identification of opportunities that contribute to further improvement in AI performance and improved business performance. Organisations will improve their ability to identify and manage risks more effectively making it more resilient.

An Integrated Approach

Starting the AI education journey begins with establishing high level structure (HLS) that brings a common framework to all AI management for your business. This helps to keep consistency, align different management system standards, offer matching sub-clauses against the top-level structure and apply common language across all levels of your business. With the new structure in place, organizations will find it easier to incorporate their AI strategy into the core business processes and get more involvement from all levels of management and staff.

Innovating with AI

We can help adopt AI technologies within your organisation through developing an innovation pathway that incorporates essential facets of AI.

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