AIkademi Internships is a program to develop hands on AI skills through a blended learning environment coupled with industry placement to hone experiences.  We support you to progress through the best AI MOOC courses, and provide labs where you can collaborate with peers, and be supported by AI experts.  We partner with Industry to give you the real world scalable data sets, and let you learn from experts paired with advisors to give you guidance.

Demand for AI and Machine learning skills are growing fast, but our traditional educational models are struggling to keep up and provide the bridge between learning and industry needs.  At AIkademi we provide the “finishing school” to not only equip you with in-demand skills sets, but also to develop the on the job experience and portfolio necessary to secure a dream AI career.

We focus on industry standard data science and machine learning platforms, and we emphasise open source frameworks that have broad industry adoption.

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