Sponsoring a cadet enables you to explore AI in your organisation and begin to understand the elements needed to transform to the future.

Each cadet undertakes industry placement that complements their online and lab training. Each term the cadet increases their commitment to their industry project.

  • 16 hours industry
  • 24 hours industry
  • 32 hours industry
  • 32 hours industry

Explore AI Opportunities.

Our cadetship model reflects the opportunity to explore AI within your organisation at a modest investment.  Otherwise the cost of scarce experienced AI specialists would make an exploratory project cost-prohibitive.

To balance the limited experience of the cadet we provide AI specialists as an external advisor/supervisor.  Experienced direction eliminates disappearing down a rabbit hole, and guides the project to acheivable benefits.

Sponsoring a cadet thus has two financial components:

  • $20,000 stipend provided to the cadet.
  • $5,000 advisor fee which provides 2 hours per week of an experienced AI consultant to understand the goals of your project and guide the cadet.

So whether it is exploring a specific AI project, or exploring the future AI skills sets and structures to be developed in your organisation, sponsoring a cadetship is an effective investment.


Apply To Sponsor A Cadet From Our Next Intake

We are accepting applications for our next round of cadetships. To enquire or submit an application complete the application form.