What We Do


Keeping you abreast of advances in AI and what it means for you, your organisation and your community.


Develop skills and capabilities of your workforce.Empowering skills that the AI future will demand.


Helping organisations and communities to innovate and adapt, build trust, and engage their stakeholders.

Educating Our Youth

Nurturing the Next Generation of AI Leaders

We develop programmes to educate the next generation, beginning at schools, through mentoring and education camps for young adults


Creating pathways for future AI professionals 

Internships bridge the gap to connect AI talent with organisations to cut their teeth and develop real world skills and experience.

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Executive Briefings

Provide Insight to Executives, Managers and Directors

Gaining an understanding of the opportunities and impacts of AI is crucial for business and community leaders to take their organisations into the AI future.


Innovating with AI

We can help adopt AI technologies within the organisation through developing a innovation pathway that incorporates essential facets of AI.

Workforce Skilling

Future skills to Augment AI

Training the workforce to adopt AI augmenting the duties and developing their future careers.


Short on-premise training programmes

Bring AI education in-house to target changes in your organisation.

Talent Acquisition

Finding the right team to build AI capability

The perfect match up between AI talent with exciting projects and initiatives requires a thorough understanding of the technology, it’s practitioners, and understanding of the culture fit to make it work.