We see a bright future for AI, but along the way there are obstacles to ensure that the AI future is the best fit for us humans.  Our goal is to align humans and AI to a better augmented future, through informing, educating and transforming individuals, organisations, and communities.


Keeping you abreast of advances in AI and what it means for you, your organisation and your community.


Develop skills and capabilities of your workforce.Empowering skills that the AI future will demand.


Helping organisations and communities to innovate and adapt, build trust, and engage their stakeholders.


AiKademi is a company committed to developing the human capabilities of Artificial Intelligence.

As businesses and individuals struggle with the complexities of AI and how it will impact them and their future, we seek to offer clarity and direction that will set you on a path to successfully navigate the 4th industrial revolution.

In order to meet the future needs of industry, government and individuals AiKademi provides the necessary knowledge and skill sets for your organisation, allowing you to deliver outcomes now made capable with recent technology advances.

We do this by:

  • Delivering Executive Briefings creating awareness of Executive responsibilities, risk and governance, financial implications and strategic planning to develop your companies AI capability.
  • Identifying the best online and face to face material available that is industry relevant.
  • Provide additional guidance, networks and support to get the most out of training.
  • Accessing consultants and contractors to maximize the impact of your project.

The technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning is already creating a significant shift in businesses, their people and their products. AiKademi is passionate about creating sustainable secure and profitable business with an engaged and highly productive workforce promoting these companies to be victors of the technology, not victims.

The best part is, as this is a rapidly emerging technology the best time to get started is now being a leader in the AI future.


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Steve Dalton

Rohan Toll

Dr Brent Richards

Matt Lee

Sam Fogarty

Dr Zoran Milosevic